Simplicity Skirt Pattern 1109 Review and Outfit Post

DSCN7320_Fotor_FotorDSCN7312_Fotor_FotorDSCN7328_FotorDSCN7429Recently Mom helped me make a new skirt for my wardrobe. Many of my skirts are either full, or are pleated, so when Mom bought this Simplicity skirt pattern, I was very excited to learn how to sew it!

The pattern was simple to follow; even I, a beginner sewer with minimal pattern experience was able to understand it 🙂 The only part of the pattern that gave us difficulty was the pleats, but Mom fudged them a little and they turned out beautifully!

I am still searching for a shirt or cardigan to wear with the skirt. The black shirt is a little warm for the summer, so I will be wearing white t-shirts with the skirt until I find something else! I think a pink shirt or lightweight cardigan would match perfectly.

The black pumps that I am wearing are from Kohl’s. I had been looking at them for a while and finally bought them when they went on sale. I know that I will be wearing them until they are worn out!


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