Pinterest Pig Cake for Gabrielle’s Birthday


Yesterday was Gabrielle’s birthday, and we wanted to share some pictures of her cake with you all! Gabrielle has had her birthday cake picked out ever since she saw this piggy cake on Pinterest a few months ago. She has always liked pigs, but has never been able to convince Mom and Dad to get any.


Saturday night, Gabrielle and I assembled the cake. We had had a long, hot day on the farm, so this was a perfect way to wind down the day.

This video helped us know how to assemble the cake and what ingredients we  had to purchase. Although we made our own chocolate cakes, we did use Betty Crocker frosting because the lady who made the video recommended it since it would set up firmly. We used two containers of frosting: one for the cakes, and one for filling the pig sty. Also, we used dark chocolate kit kats  because we thought they coordinated with the frosting better than milk chocolate 🙂

Amongst the dark chocolate cake, the dark chocolate frosting, and dark chocolate kit kats, the cake was very rich. We just cut smaller slices though, and ate it for lunch 😉

DSCN7881DSCN7891I purchased these fondant pigs off  Etsy for an early birthday present for Gabrielle, and she was so excited to use them on the cake. (Many tutorials for the cake showed how to make fondant piggies, but it is worth buying them if you have never worked with fondant.) The pigs that I purchased from Luli Sweet Shop did not disappoint; they were professionally crafted and adorable. I definitely recommend purchasing from her!


Happy birthday little sister! 🙂






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