Egg Sandwiches made over a Campfire


Gabrielle and I did quite a bit of cooking over campfires this past weekend. We both agree that campfire cooking is the most fun! We aren’t really good at building fires yet…it took us thirty minutes to build the first one. And the wood we used was damp from rain, so our fires were smoky. It was still fun; there is something really satisfying about building a fire for cooking a meal.

Our chickens are laying nineteen to two dozen eggs a day, hence why we made egg sandwiches. Also, eggs are really easy to fry on a fire. And if you don’t like fried eggs, well, try frying them on a campfire! They are way better then eggs cooked on the stovetop.

While Gabrielle was frying the eggs, I put together a platter of cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes for the sandwiches. We toasted our bread on the fire while the eggs were cooking. The sandwiches were delicious! We wanted to make seconds, but we decided that we should make our brother a sandwich instead since he would be home soon 😉


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