Painting in Our Craft/Etsy Room




DSCN1914.JPG Late last week we started repainting our new craft room (Kerstin moved out, and since we use this room for all our photoshoots for Etsy we are turning it into a craft room. We should probably just call it our Etsy room though 🙂

Dad has been busy remodeling the bathroom downstairs, so the job of painting the room fell to Gabrielle and me. At first we were only going to repaint the green walls. However I did some touch-ups on the opposite walls and ceiling that didn’t didn’t blend in, so I ended up painting the whole room. I stayed up late last night finishing the ceiling, and although I didn’t get much sleep, at least I don’t have to paint today!  Yay!

Our plans for the room after the paint has dried a bit more include moving our Etsy inventory in and hanging pictures that our nieces painted. We also want a comfy chair or sofa to curl up to knit or read books in and new blinds or curtains.



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