Bathroom Remodel

Dad has been remodeling the downstairs bathroom for the past six months. This past week he began on the floor, so he is about halfway done with the project. Here is a picture taken before Dad started taking the bathroom apart-IMG_2780and below are some pictures that I took this morning:

DSCN2368DSCN2372DSCN2370Dad pretty much took the whole bathroom apart; the toilet, sink, and tub came out, and he repainted and installed a new shower unit. Then he did some rewiring for the heated floor, and a little plumbing for the pedestal sink; last week he laid the wiring for the floor and spread mortar over it. The mortar is still wet, so I had to get these pictures from the carpet in the hall 🙂

When the bathroom is complete I will post finished pictures, especially of the shower unit which is amazing!