Power’s Out


Late yesterday afternoon we had a large storm system move through our area. We had a tornado warning so we grabbed some projects (Mom got her coffee too) and headed to the crawlspace. Mom had her knitting, Gabrielle and I had our Algebra, and I also had hair ties I was making 🙂 But listening to the storm and talking was much more interesting; I don’t think anyone really worked on anything! Besides, Dad got home from work, and Nathaniel swung in on his way home from work to take shelter…the crawlspace got crowded fast!


After the worst part moved through, we came out. Thankfully we didn’t have much damage. The neighbor’s trees had taken out the wires and hence the power, and our spruces were tipped from the wind. Mom made scrambled eggs for supper (yay for gas stoves!), and then we hung out until the rain stopped. The power came back on around seven, just in time for me to get water to my chickens, and for mom to have water to wash dishes 🙂



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