Welcome to A Homespun Country Life, Part II!

We are Elisabeth and Gabrielle, sisters, homeschoolers, chicken farmers, and future dog mushers! Here is a little bit about us from our own viewpoints:



  • I am going to be a junior in high school this coming fall.
  • Last year my brother convinced me to raise meat chickens for a summer job; and, since that went so well, Gabrielle and I are doing it together this summer. I enjoy both sides of the business– the labor that goes into caring for the chickens, and sitting down to do book work. I am proud to own part of a small chicken operation and to provide our family and friends with a source of farm fresh poultry to eat.
  • I like baking with rhubarb and making pizzas
  • Gabrielle and I share a lot of the same interests in outdoor activities; pretty much what she enjoys doing, I will enjoy!  Other than that, I am learning to sew clothes and currently I am knitting squares for a blanket.
  • In two years I plan to be dog mushing 😍




  •  Well, since Elisabeth said where she is in school, I reckon I’ll mention that I’m plummeting towards my first year of highschool.
  •  I am an outdoor person. My hobbies include fishing, canoeing, ice skating, and my most favorite sport/activity/hobby is dog mushing, although I have not yet had an opportunity to participate in it. I hope to start a kennel someday and race in mid distance races and the Iditarod.😎
  •  I enjoy cooking over a campfire, so there will most likely be some posts about campfire cooking through out the summer and fall. It is a fun challenge to make sure the food gets cooked but not burnt!
  •  I like to draw planes–small aircraft to be specific. Some sketches are realistic, while others are more of a cartoon 🙂



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