Denim Skirt from Jeans

DSCN8360This summer I wore the knees out in a pair of work jeans. I think it was from kneeling beside the kitty pool to check on and feed all the broiler chicks that we raised. Anyway, I decided to try making a skirt from the jeans!

DSCN8379I cut the jeans off at the knees, then I  rip-stitched the inside seam of the leg. Many tutorials for making a skirt from jeans showed cutting the inside seams out. Even though rip-stitching is more work, it will not only give you more fabric to work with, but an easy guideline for sewing the inserts to the skirt.

Once I had the seams opened up, I laid the soon-to-be-skirt on a table and slid a small cutting mat between the front and back layers. The cutting mat prevented me from pinning the front and back together as I pinned the inserts into place.

DSCN8375The inserts were definitely tricky. I used the denim for the lower legs of the jeans for the inserts. As you can see, I didn’t have quite large enough of a piece for the back insert, so I had to run the insert at an angle. I was hesitant at first to do this, but I love the character that it gives the skirt!

It took me a while to get the inserts to hang as flat as possible (many of the skirts made from jeans tend to “bubble out” in the inserts, and I tried to avoid that look), but in the end I decided that the style of the skirt was A-line, so the inserts are going to be full!

But I did try the skirt on many many times as I pinned the inserts in and after I basted the seams. Basting really helped because then I got to see how the skirt hung without the weight of the pins.

DSCN8381Making a skirt from jeans has always seemed intimidating to me, but now that I know how to do it, I am excited to try another one. I absolutely love my new skirt!



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