Independence Day Fireworks

IMG_1011IMG_1010IMG_1002IMG_0997Last evening we went to our small town’s firework show. We have been doing this for the last three years, and it has become a nice end to our Fourth of July days. The pictures are not very good, but I hope that you enjoy them anyway! It is quite difficult to get pictures of fireworks, so I only tried a few before giving up to just enjoy the show.  (Just so you know, the colorful fuzzy things at the bottom of each photo are lights that are strung along the fence on the river 🙂

The fireworks are lit in the baseball park; but we usually park the Jeep across the river in the hotel parking lot because from there we see the fireworks burst above the river and tree tops. It is a magnificent sight!


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend celebrating our country!