Power’s Out


Late yesterday afternoon we had a large storm system move through our area. We had a tornado warning so we grabbed some projects (Mom got her coffee too) and headed to the crawlspace. Mom had her knitting, Gabrielle and I had our Algebra, and I also had hair ties I was making ūüôā But listening to the storm and talking was much more interesting; I don’t think anyone really worked on anything! Besides, Dad got home from work, and Nathaniel swung in on his way home from work to take shelter…the crawlspace got crowded fast!


After the worst part moved through, we came out. Thankfully we didn’t have much damage. The neighbor’s trees had taken out the wires and hence the power, and our spruces were tipped from the wind. Mom made scrambled eggs for supper (yay for gas stoves!), and then we hung out until the rain stopped. The power came back on around seven, just in time for me to get water to my chickens, and for mom to have water to wash dishes ūüôā



Egg Sandwiches made over a Campfire


Gabrielle and I did quite a bit of cooking¬†over campfires this past weekend. We both agree that campfire cooking is the most fun!¬†We aren’t really good at building fires yet…it¬†took us thirty minutes to build the first one. And the wood we used was damp from rain, so our fires were smoky. It was still fun; there is something really satisfying about building a fire¬†for cooking a meal.

Our chickens are laying¬†nineteen to two dozen eggs a day, hence why we made¬†egg sandwiches. Also, eggs are really easy to fry on a fire.¬†And if you don’t like fried eggs, well, try frying them on a campfire! They are way better then eggs¬†cooked on the stovetop.

While Gabrielle was frying the eggs, I put together a platter of cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes for the sandwiches. We toasted our bread on the fire while the eggs were cooking. The sandwiches were delicious! We wanted to make seconds, but we decided that we should make our brother a sandwich instead since he would be home soon ūüėČ


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Independence Day Fireworks

IMG_1011IMG_1010IMG_1002IMG_0997Last evening we went to our small town’s firework show. We have been doing this for the last three years, and it has become a nice end to our Fourth of July days. The pictures are not very good, but I hope that you enjoy them anyway! It is quite difficult to get pictures¬†of fireworks, so I only¬†tried a few before giving up to just enjoy the show. ¬†(Just so you know, the colorful fuzzy things at the bottom of each photo are lights that are strung along the fence on the river ūüôā

The fireworks are lit in the baseball park; but we usually park the Jeep across the river in the hotel parking lot because from there we see the fireworks burst above the river and tree tops. It is a magnificent sight!


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Pinterest Pig Cake for Gabrielle’s Birthday


Yesterday was Gabrielle’s birthday, and we wanted to share some pictures of her cake with you all!¬†Gabrielle¬†has had her birthday cake picked out ever since she saw this piggy cake on Pinterest a few months ago.¬†She has always liked pigs, but has never been able to convince Mom and Dad to get any.


Saturday night, Gabrielle and I assembled the cake. We had had a long, hot day on the farm, so this was a perfect way to wind down the day.

This video¬†helped us know how to assemble the cake and what ingredients we ¬†had to purchase. Although we made our own chocolate cakes, we did¬†use Betty Crocker frosting because the lady who made the video recommended it since¬†it would set up firmly. We used two containers of frosting: one for the cakes, and one for filling the pig sty.¬†Also, we used dark chocolate kit kats ¬†because we thought they coordinated with the frosting better than milk chocolate ūüôā

Amongst¬†the dark chocolate cake, the dark chocolate frosting, and dark chocolate kit kats, the cake was very rich. We just cut smaller slices though, and ate it for lunch ūüėČ

DSCN7881DSCN7891I purchased these fondant pigs off  Etsy for an early birthday present for Gabrielle, and she was so excited to use them on the cake. (Many tutorials for the cake showed how to make fondant piggies, but it is worth buying them if you have never worked with fondant.) The pigs that I purchased from Luli Sweet Shop did not disappoint; they were professionally crafted and adorable. I definitely recommend purchasing from her!


Happy birthday little sister! ūüôā